Topband: A 160m Noise problem

Ed Stallman ed.n5dg at
Sat Mar 12 15:04:37 EST 2016

Hello Topbanders

I would like to explain my noise issue to get opinions on search and Destroy

This noise is covering the 160m band only, 80m is good ! I'm using a 
HI-Z receive 4 SQ and the NW direction is as quiet can be . All other 
directions are noisy with the NE being the worst , SE almost as bad and 
SW is somewhat OK.   The noise starts at 1780 Khz and rises quickly to 
its peak at 1820 Khz ! from there the noise levels off to 1880 Khz and 
slowly drops to nothing at 2070 Khz ! Wish I could post a screen shot of 
my panadapter for y'all to see, I'll be happy to send JPG file off list !
I was thinking maybe water in the RG6 and with the Bias T the Hi-Z uses, 
this may be my problem but disconnecting and testing all the coax  using 
the 20meg scale ... all checks good ! I may replace the RG6 anyway but 
thinking of running a beverage at 165 degrees and see if the noise is 
still there . Was going to run the beverage anyway in hope of hearing 
Heard Is .
At first I was thinking power line noise , I checked for noise using a 
144Mhz AM receiver and 3 el yagi . I did find some noise to my NE but 
gone today after the big rain . 160m noise is still with me!

Now I have parts ordered to build a small 160 loop . With that and my K3 
I'll move to different locations and see how that works out .

Yes I have unplugged everything in the house and no switching supply's 
that we leave plugged in . With computers off and using VFO I can see 
the S meter rise and lower sweeping through the 160 band .

I've ask 2 of my neighbors to disconnect their elec fence with no joy .

I have to give my pasture a couple of days to dry out , then I'll run 
the beverage and replace the RG6 on the RX 4 SQ with new flooded coax .

Oh and I also tried a BCB filter ..

Any Ideas what could cause the 160 only noise ?

Thanks Ed N5DG

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