Topband: Stew -vs- 3DA0CC

Joel Harrison w5zn at
Sat Mar 12 19:39:48 EST 2016

Hi Rich,

It appears they have decided to QSY away from 160 since the band is wiped
out with U.S. contest stations (working other U.S. stations that aren't
listening for DX) so a new one lost due to the contest.

73 Joel W5ZN

> Thanks for bringing  that up Joel. They usually listen up 1-2. Hopeful
> SP contestants will give us that space.
> Thanks,
> Rich K7ZV
> On Sat, March 12, 2016 6:06 pm, Joel Harrison wrote:
>> I realize it is yet another "Stew Perry" contest but it is also the
>> night that 3DA0CC/3DA0IJ will be on 160 meters. Their operating frequency
>> is 1820.3 so if folks could PLEASE try to avoid that area there are at
least a few of us that would appreciate it while we have one last shot
>>  3DA0 on 160.
>> Thanks es 73,
>> Joel W5ZN
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