Topband: Stew

william radice k4owr at
Sun Mar 13 09:23:07 EDT 2016

:::: Spent a total of 4 hours in the SP. Activity, at least from here in 
east TN, was lower than previous. The logger got to the point where it 
said "dupe, dupe, dupe"constantly.
DX would just appear out of nowhere...Italy, Germany, Venezuela.
  This morning I caught a VK6 working a K1 and tried to tail end. The 
guy would not give up the Fx for a second to let me work the DX. I sent 
AH, and he sent ?, I sent AH, and he sent ? Guess he didn't get it. I 
was dialed up to 2kw at that moment so I know he heard me, but he was 
not going to standby. The "gentleman's band" huh?

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