Topband: Spring Stew Perry

James Rodenkirch Rodenkirch_LLC at
Sun Mar 13 09:48:07 EDT 2016

Hearing very few CA ops this A.M. so don't expect to hear few JAs.....oh well, my new antenna - an inverted U - did well for me (worked far more east coast/new England stns this time around)  ...just put it up yesterday....80 Qs and 915 pts....

LOVE Stew Perry events...72 to all de Jim R. K9JWV

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Sent: Saturday, March 12, 2016 10:17 PM
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Eric...Mopa sounded great in NH !   Did not hear Jim....

KV4FZ was loud about 0500 but no reply.
Worked NP2X about that time who was just above the noise.
 Out in the dark at 8 pm laying down radials....  And will pull them in
before church in the morning.   Enjoying the condo challenge !


Jim / W1FMR / QRP / NH

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Will be lookin' for ya, Eric...have a new antenna up (just put it up this afternoon) and will be PUSING my 4.9 watts out into the ether....72, Jim R. K9JWV

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I should be QRV this evening with my 1928 MOPA running about 19W input /
11W output.  Already worked some EU stations with it (Four Square TX),
so hoping to catch some west of Rockies guys tonight.

Not quite QRP....

73 Eric NO3M

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