Topband: Stew

Glenn Wyant va3dx at
Sun Mar 13 11:21:03 EDT 2016

   Is    " AH  " some sort of Gentlemans secret code ?
   Surely it cant be what I think !
   Not double standards in the Stew !


Subject: Topband: Stew

> :::: Spent a total of 4 hours in the SP. Activity, at least from here in 
> east TN, was lower than previous. The logger got to the point where it 
> said "dupe, dupe, dupe"constantly.
> DX would just appear out of nowhere...Italy, Germany, Venezuela.
>  This morning I caught a VK6 working a K1 and tried to tail end. The 
> guy would not give up the Fx for a second to let me work the DX. I sent 
> AH, and he sent ?, I sent AH, and he sent ? Guess he didn't get it. I 
> was dialed up to 2kw at that moment so I know he heard me, but he was 
> not going to standby. The "gentleman's band" huh?

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