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Gary Smith Gary at
Sun Mar 13 13:54:22 EDT 2016


I am using a K3s but the KIO3B is the same for us and I believe the 
config settings are the same for a K3 with it. I have the USB from 
the KIO3B going to a powered USB hub with 5 devices total on it. I 
have the RS232 from the K3s going to a P3 with the CBLP3Y.

I was working the Stew Perry contest last night, using N1MM and using 
its macros to send CW. The only problem I had in sending is in 
remembering which function key to hit as using a keyboard to send CW 
is new to me (Well... I did have an Apple II+ back in 1981 that had a 
board in it for CW/RTTY but nothing keyboard to send CW since then)

Someone (here, I believe) kindly helped me with the settings to use 
with N1MM & the K3 and be sure if you use N1MM, to have in CONFIG, 
the PTT-KEY set to OFF - RTS. I don't know if any of this will help 
you but I can say that up to 30 WPM, there is no problem on this end 
whatsoever. Your solution will likely be easy to resolve once you pin 
it down.



> An observation.
> Installed a KIO3B in K3 #345, no problems all working either RS232 or 
> USB or both together for CAT and audio.
> I use Logger32 and prior to installing the KIO3B my 3GHz clock PC 
> comfortably delivered software CW from within Logger over RS232 without 
> the need for a Winkey unit.
> I have been running the CAT/audio over USB but apart from checking that 
> CW keying was working, lights flashing, never listened to it. This 
> weekend, however, I did a bit of S&P in a CW contest using Logger macros 
> for calling and serial numbering. The CW was rather choppy and 
> noticeably staggered at times. So much so that it put me right off my 
> stride and I had to resort to hand keying.
> For experiment I transferred CAT and CW over to the K3 RS232 port driven 
> from a real RS232 on the PC and everything was back to normal. Toggling 
> between USB and RS232 equally toggled the "problem" on and off.
> Expanding upon this I transferred K3 RS232 to a USB/serial converter, 
> original Elecraft with Prolific chip set, and all was still OK. Couldn't 
> hear any difference between the native RS232 port and the USB adapter.
> My non-PC specialist conclusion is that either the driver supporting the 
> KIO3B or all the USB routing action within the KIO3B is causing the damage.
> No big deal for me to transfer CAT/CW during my very infrequent CW 
> contest activity, just unfortunate that in my cast the one cable 
> solution at present isn't.
> Any thoughts.
> Regards,
> Mike VP8NO

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