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Sun Mar 13 15:42:54 EDT 2016

I still don't understand the 2KW?

N2TK, Tony

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On Sun,3/13/2016 6:23 AM, william radice wrote:
> This morning I caught a VK6 working a K1 and tried to tail end. The 
> guy would not give up the Fx for a second to let me work the DX.

And why should he?  The appropriate move on YOUR part would have been to
find an empty frequency near that one and call CQ. Most of the gentlemen on
the band have done that for years.

> I sent AH, and he sent ?, I sent AH, and he sent ? Guess he didn't get it.

And neither would I. I'm guessing that you're one of those guys we hear
playing cop on top of DXpeditions.

> I was dialed up to 2kw at that moment so I know he heard me, but he 
> was not going to standby. The "gentleman's band" huh?

You need to look in the mirror to find the AH.

73, Jim
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