Topband: 3DA0IJ and 3DA0CC on Clublog

Kenneth Grimm grimm at
Sun Mar 13 16:44:03 EDT 2016

Both 3DA0IJ and 3DA0CC have posted their logs on Clublog.

The stats are interesting:  3DA0IJ 259 Qs on 160mx and 3DA0CC 168 for a
total of 427 top band QSOs.

They are both to be commended for sticking with their promise to
concentrate on 160 when possible.  Their ears will probably be ringing for
several days from all the QRN they had to endure.  While it was rough in
the Northern Hemisphere where winter condx prevailed, they had to endure
summer condx in Swaziland!


Ken - K4XL
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