Topband: spring stew perry

james soto kp2bh at
Sun Mar 13 17:15:13 EDT 2016

First time in the Stew Perry. 22 contacts just by running up and down the band. just been trying the inverted L after coax change from rg8x to 50ohms hard line. notice much better reception and notice that stations that i call was copying me pretty quick taking in consideration that i just run 100 watts,band noise,etc,etc.Also i was using the winkeyer with N1MM and the cw sound was kind of erratic . it only happens with N1MM with other contest and login software the cw tones are perfect.did some changes in N1MM winkeyer section but still the same way.Other than that i enjoy the Stew Perry.73's de KP2BH / KP2DXjimmy

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