Topband: Spring Stew Perry Equinox Version.

W7RH midnight18 at
Mon Mar 14 23:00:16 EDT 2016

  I won't say Top Band conditions were great,  but activity was pretty 
good for this late in the season. I had installed a new logging computer 
and was into the event 2.5 hours when I discovered system time, N1MM and 
HRD times were all skewed. The only correct of the three was HRD (Ham 
Radio Deluxe) Then had a radio keying cable failure. I got it fixed by 
rummaging through travel bags. The nearest Radio shack is 90 miles away. 
I've never had a ground open on a molded plug before.

Highlights. A rag chew with Aki, JA5DQH in the morning. A contact with 
BU2AQ not in the contest. IV3YYK calling CQ on my frequency 1835 at 
02:37 UTC. He could not hear me. :( Also who ever was at KV4FZ could not 
hear me and was calling CQ to fast for conditions.

I'm going to submit log but times might be buggered. I only worked about 
1/3 of expected QSO's due to problems with logs etc.

It was nice to hear the band come alive with some activity for a change.




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