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Larry, N7DD
I do not believe that you are 35 years out of date. Sure the "Plastic Boxes" have 160 on them and there are many amplifiers that pump out max power on Top Band. The antennas are a different problem. Putting up a 160 meter dipole can be impossible on a normal city lot. My lot is 90 ft X 135 ft, try putting up a dipole on this lot. Well a dipole is not much of a DX snagging antenna unless you can get it up 200 to 300 ft. I shunt feed my 80 ft of Rohn 45G with a 10, 15, 20 meter stack of Yagis. It gets out very well but my receive leaves a lot to be desired. As one can see, no room for a good RX antenna. Even so I have 192 confirmed on 160. I have tried loops, BOGs and etc and nothing helps much. I have a S9+ noise on 160, 24/7. A 33 kV and 7.2 kv power line on my street makes for some fun.One must understand that it took W1BB many yours to get 100 on 160. There weren't many countries on Top Band then. 
My four pfennig worth.....Price W0RI

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 hi rob,

160 meters is all about hearing! you can't get that out of a "cracker-jax" box. 

it's not too difficult for guys with lots of property available but for the guys on small lots?? kudos to them. then there are remote RX sites but that's another story for another time.

160 meters is as much a challenge today as it was 35 years ago and will continue to be so for the next 35 years.

enjoy top-band, it's not as easy as you may think.

73, larry n7dd 

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>Amazes me; it takes years to accumulate enough skill and equipment to
>get on the air with a good signal, especially on 160 and then become
>a participant in the opposite mentality of what the sport is all

You are around 35 years out of date.  It was harder to get on 160 in
the days of the phony "all-band" rigs that covered 10 to 80 meters but
now that every plastic box had a button on it for 160 and you can get
a solid state plastic box amplifier that automatically switches bands
and tunes up and you can go buy a dipole that is cut for 160, getting
on 160 is about like getting on CB.


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