Topband: Southern Hemisphere Autumn Stew

Phil Hartwell vk6gx at
Tue Mar 15 21:31:14 EDT 2016

Hi Folks,

Thanks to the guys at Boring ARC for providing us with yet another Stew 
event, I hope this one becomes a permanent fixture.
Conditions were very poor from this isolated part of the planet and late 
summer QRN made it tough going.
No EU contacts, I only heard a few weak Russian stations operating in a 
contest prior to SR and could not raise a response by CQ'n.
No Asian contacts, I heard a few JA's but concentrated on stateside and 
by the time it was SR on the west coast the JA's had gone.
I only heard midwest USA, nothing from east or west coasts and even the 
big guns were S2 at best.
Consequently I only managed 8 stateside contacts and one east coast VK.
Despite that, the beauty of the Stew scoring system is being able to 
wrack up a reasonable score with so few QSO's, as Perth is a long way 
from everywhere.
I look forward to giving many of you umpteen thousand point QSO's in the 
June Stew.

73, Phil VK6GX.

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