Topband: Untoward comments on 160

ars.f3wt ars.f3wt at
Thu Mar 17 06:15:35 EDT 2016

Hi all,
Let me add my 2 cents comment too , here.

 Apart from resenting comments,  perceived as such, which is important, I seems to me IMHO that all of you are right -  Bob’s ( AA6VB) and .. Larry’s ( N7DD)  et al !

I ‘ m living in Versailles on a very small lot too ( 400 sq-meters) ; my antennas are two delta-loops , hanging down from nice neighbors building..
I worked Larry the other morning , ( around SR here at abt   7:30z )  , I couldn’t believed it!  
I never got beyond your Eastern States!
He emerged faintly out of the S9 noise for a couple of minutes.
Just as Bob said.
I was alerted by a few guys around me in Europe who called him. 
Larry copied me as F3WQ, as I punched a series of my call right on his frequency on my Orion1 à 100 watts barefoot.
He later confirmed par e-mail me as  sort of 339 signal , correcting my call!
Larry is right in saying it is all abt  hearing.
My “hearing” set-up was thru the said delta-loops in stereo/pseudo - diversity.
But most important to me so far was my 2 analog AF-peak-filters from Dierking GD83 at full narrowness (  10 Hz or below)- a salvage to get rid 
of all the digital noise-crap from A/D and D/A conversions  in the RX signal - path of that despite excellent transceiver.
Encouraged, my plans are for a K9AY rx- ant soon.

My 2 cts..
Pierre, F3WT

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