Topband: 1 center point to ground all 8 beverages??

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Hi Frank, 

The problem with a common ground for multiple Beverages is that 
it isn't really "ground" at all. Inevitably it has significant resistance, 

The signals received by your eight Beverages will cause significant 
current flows through perhaps fifty ohms of RF resistance in your 
"ground" rod. The voltage that results from the current flows from 
eight connected Beverages will appear as unwanted signals on your 
selected Beverage, significantly degrading its directivity. 

One solution to this problem is to use eight ground rods spaced 
at least 3 or 4 meters from each other. Another solution is to use 
relays to connect only the selected Beverage to to the ground rod 
and disconnect the other seven. 


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Hi all.. 
160m season over soon... so think about new setup off beverages..found 
out a new center feedpoint place where i can connect all 8 beverages 
with just a few meters coax to a antennaswitch..annyone knows if its 
possibile to connect all balun ground connections just to one center 
ground point off a cuppertupe some 2.5m in the ground? 
Ore does each Beverage need his own ground? 
Anny info vy welcome.. 
vy 73 

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