Topband: 1 center point to ground all 8 beverages??

Bill Tippett btippett at
Tue Mar 22 05:19:48 EDT 2016


>Another solution is to use
relays to connect only the selected Beverage to the ground rod
and disconnect the other seven.

I've done this for 31 years from 3 different locations with no problems.
>From a 2011 post on this subject:

ZL3IX wrote:

>* As long as your relays have decent isolation, even for high impedances,*
it may even be better to switch the Bev wires themselves.  That way you
don't share the ground at the feed end, and avoid any common impedance

         I agree.  I've done this since installing my first set of 7
Beverages in 1985 arranged like wheel spokes and have never noticed
crosstalk problems.  I even sometimes switched two in parallel to
listen in two directions simultaneously in contests (NE and W when I was
in Colorado).  Now I prefer diversity (Beverages on one RX and an RX 4SQ
on the other RX) for contests.

                                         73,  Bill  W4ZV

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