Topband: Post contest season: TX antenna vs RX antenna cros-stalk. What do you do?

Filipe Lopes ct1ilt at
Thu Mar 24 08:04:29 EDT 2016

I am using 2xTS590 and never had any issues either.

73s Filipe

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Em 24/03/2016 12:05 p.m., "Terry Posey" <tposey at> escreveu:

> Hi Mark -
> I have not experienced K3 TX/RX antenna isolation problems with my station
> configuration.  I expect that if there is an isolation problem with your
> rig's TX and external RX antenna routing/switching, that problem would be
> nearly impossible to quantify using your station's TX and RX antennas.  The
> rig's TX/RX isolation would need to be measured on the bench, using good
> laboratory grade equipment.
> Perhaps, Elecraft can provide a list of expected isolation values that were
> measured for each of the TX and external RX antenna routing/switching
> configurations possible with the K3 and K3S.  Those measurements would
> surely have been done during the rigs' design performance verification
> tests.
> GL
> 73,
> Terry K4RX
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> Hi Bill,
> I think this is not what I meant here; I also do use BPF's and the Front
> End
> Savers.
> The problem is that while listening to your receiving antennas, there is
> also some signal from the transmit antenna getting through thanks to the
> internal cross-talk of your rig's TX/RX relay.
> I was wondering what people do besides the obvious 'kill the TX antenna
> input during RX mode' ?
> 73 Mark, PA5MW
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