Topband: VK0EK Operation

Gary Smith Gary at
Tue Mar 29 15:48:25 EDT 2016

With my K3s, Using a HI-Z triangular aimed 
SE, I was listening with a 50 Hz DSP 
filter width, using the K3s's Audio peak 
filtering, under a 250 Hz crystal filter, 
attenuator on, to get them. 

It was all I could do to hear the faintest 
ghost of a signal at 23:40Z, replying with 
my call & the eternal call + 599. I think 
I was the first NA to get them on 160 as 
there was no mention on the cluster before 
I posted and... the misanthropic bastard 
psychopaths that gentlemen in our sport 
call DQRM, hadn't heard them yet.

It has to be different on the west coast 
but being curious after I made the Q, I 
listened to the pileup calling them and 
where the calls were coming from, and 
eventually they moved to the 6/7 area. 
Amazing to me in that they were in 
daylight when they were being called by 
the west coast.



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