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Wed Mar 30 21:10:00 EDT 2016

The report from Washington:  at 1347 UTC UT6UD posted a note on the ON4KST
low band chat room that he was on 1818.5 calling CQ, listening down 1.
Nothing heard, either him or any stations calling.  At 1354 UTC JH2FXK
posted a note that VK0EK was on 1818.5.  Again nothing heard and no JAs
calling.  I stuck around until 1410 UTC and then gave up for the day.

	73 Kip W6SZN

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Nothing at all heard this morning. The only spot was from a JA at 1354Z, and
about 10 minutes later, I heard K6UM call a couple of times. And as I'm
writing this (1600Z), I see them spotted by RN6BN on 1833.5

73, Jim K9YC
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