Topband: 80m FT4JA

Jim Brown jim at
Thu Mar 31 13:45:39 EDT 2016

On Thu,3/31/2016 5:58 AM, donovanf at wrote:
> FT4JA was very weak with lots of deep QSB here last night,
> They would peak up to S5 for a few seconds then fade into
> the noise for a few minutes.

Thanks Frank. Not surprising -- as we all know, 160 can be like that. 
And, as we all know, 160 often remains open to the west for as long as 
30 minutes into daylight. The winter Stew starts around sunrise here in 
W6, and we all are on the air to work JA. When conditions are good, we 
can put 20 or more JA and UA0 in the log while in daylight.

It's also common for it to take a few days for expeditions to get RX 
antennas up.

With respect to VK0EK -- K6MM, one of the pilots and an experienced 
expeditioner, advises that they were on 160 this morning (Thursday in 
NA) but didn't hear or log anyone. So it's band conditions. John says 
DXA won't show a station on 160 until they log someone.

73, Jim K9YC

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