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Steve Ireland vk6vz at
Sun Oct 2 01:14:47 EDT 2016

G’day all

Like Greg ZL3IX, I want to pay a tribute to Jo YC0LOW (SK), who obtained 160m DXCC no #1455 back in 2008.

Until Jo became ill some several years back, he was actively on a daily basis on 160, from a location that was both electrically noisy and had tropical QRN on a scale that most of us have never experienced.  Mike VK6HD (SK) and I would have worked Jo on an almost daily basis for about a decade in the late 1990s/early 2000s.  Like clockwork, Jo would be on every day, at his sunrise and sunset, listening and calling CQ DX for several hours.

Jo loved getting DX QSOs, but his small suburban block, modest antennas (he used a low inverted vee dipole and very small inverted-Ls/verticals for transmit and small loops for rx) and tropical location meant that they were relatively few and far between.  However, he was always cheerful and positive, innovative and loved 160m and being part of the DX gang.  

Most of all Jo was persistent – and I was absolutely delighted for him when he made DXCC. To be honest, I never thought he would because of his location, but Jo just kept on chipping away until he made it – a true topbander.

Jo may well be the only YB station who has ever made DXCC on 160m – and he really earned it!      

RIP in peace, cobber – I shall miss hearing your signal.

Vy 73

Steve, VK6VZ

From: yd1jz.joz at
Sent: Wed, 28 Sep 2016 22:22:26 +0700
To: n6ss at
Subject: YC0LOW SK

Hello OM Pres,

Hope you are doing fine.?

Would like to inform that our dear friend OM Jo - YC0LOW has passed away this afternoon in Jakarta at 10:30 hrs UTC.?

Please kindly inform as well this sad news to Top Banders community as Indonesia amateur radio is really missing one of our good brother who indeed have dedicated his life in 160 M.?

Thanks for your assistance.?

Best 73


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