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Some discussion of WD-1A on Google claims the impedance is 170 ohms and 
other claim 70 ohms.  I have 1/2 mile on a spool that I will measure 

> Herb Schoenbohm, KV4FZ

Hi Herb and all, 
When I was in the Army, 1958 to 1960,, I was a "Field Communications Crewman". It meant, I helped string telephone wire. 
We used what was called WD-1TT. It was two separate conductors. They were twisted, not molded together. Each conductor was made of 3 steel wires and 4 copper wires making a 7 strand conductor. It might have been 4 steel and 3 copper.
I have never found listings for WD-1TT on eBay. We spliced it by stripping about 10 inches from each conductor and tying a square knot and twisting the loose end on the conductor and covering with friction tape and then Scotch electrical tape. We could run 3 telephone circuits on 2 wires and ground with isolation transformers. 
Regards...Price  W0RI



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