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Art Snapper art at
Thu Oct 20 09:16:08 EDT 2016

I had a few hours free yesterday afternoon, so I began the dual 80/160
radiator inv. L project.

In the process, I found that water had entered the coaxial center insulator
that was used at the feedpoint of the antenna.

Does anyone have a favorite solution for a weatherproof, coaxial feedpoint
for this type of antenna???

The radials are attached to several load center ground  bars, that are
screwed into a copper pipe that is driven into the ground.

The pipe gives me a rigid mounting point for some kind of insulator or

BTW, after a temporary fix, I ran some quick SWR tests. There appears to be
very little interaction between the elements. At least from an SWR

de Art NK8X


On Mon, Oct 17, 2016 at 11:16 AM, Art Snapper <art at> wrote:

> I was considering adding a second vertical element to my 160 inverted L.
> This one would be roughly a quarter wave tall for use on 80.
> I tried modelling in Eznec, but wasn't comfortable with the results. I may
> have screwed it up.
> Has anyone tried it for real? Is it a big compromise on either band? Would
> a switch at the feedpoint have any benefit?
> My inverted L has about 50 radials.
> 73
> Art NK8X
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