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Did you sweep from say the AM band up to 40M to find the null? Was the null pronounced? I assume as you shortened the wire you hooked up to a terminating resistor and repositioned the ground rod?

N2TK, Tony

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I purchased a MFJ 5014 noise generator for $ 39.95  (it took awhile to get here, think they build to order.)

At Mid-day time to reduce interference,  set it way out, with about 20 feet of wire sitting on the ground in the direction of the BOG null. 
Tuned frequencies on the receiver to find  minimum signal, trimmed the BOG wire to bring  the null into 160 meters. 
"Worked like a charm"

On Sun, 23 Oct 2016 13:57:41 -0400, Art Snapper  wrote:

       I took a hint from Luis HC1PF. A small 1.8+/- clock oscillator and a wire attached to a pole is what he used. 
I found said oscillator on eBay. 

It worked, but I am not sure the near field results should be taken for granted. 

Art NK8X
p.s. Still trying to figure out the computer problem that plagued me during the SP, and is gone now!

On Sun, Oct 23, 2016 at 12:53 PM, Bob K6UJ  wrote:

> How do you plot the directivity of your BOG ?
> I am toying with the idea of either transmitting from my car HF rig 
> (milliwatt sig) and plotting the pattern from diff directions or is it 
> possible to transmit with the BOG with a real low milliwatt sig ? I 
> was thinking then I could drive around with my HF rig in the car in 
> about a half mile radius and see if I could plot the pattern. This 
> might not be doable, but thought I would throw it out there.
> How do you test your BOG ?
> Bob
> K6UJ
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