Topband: 160M Four Square array phasing lines

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I have two 160m transmit arrays, one a modified K3LR style parasitic and
another a BS/EF array.

The K3LR was installed in 1998 and I buried the feedline through conduit
(about 100 feet of corrugated black 4" drainage pipe buried about 6 inches)
before laying down the radials across lawn and wooded areas. I started
installing the radials in October after the last grass mowing, cut very
close. Radials held down with aluminum fence J hooks from local farm supply.
In spring the grass wasn't cut till it was several inches high. The radials
quickly became immersed in the soil. Only occasionally since then have I
clipped one with the mower, usually in wet weather if the mower sinks in. 

In wooded areas the radials were put down on top or after raking leaves etc.
out of the way and then covered with leaves, logs and other debris to hold
down. Hard to find now even if I try.

I used standard solder and have seen no deterioration of the joints over the
years. But others have reported problems and silver solder may be a better

Radials were soldered to common "buss" wire at midpoint between elements,
not overlapped. 

Radials are an assortment of wire, whatever I could scrounge cheaply. Much
is no. 12 or 14 insulated THHN (stranded lays flat much better than solid).
Other is smaller enameled or bare wire. I've even used old CATV coax, and
stripped out multi-conductor telephone type cables.

Only regret was I didn't put in an extra conduit or two. After adding
numerous runs of hardline the original quickly became maxed out, even though
I had left a pull rope inside. More could be added if I removed all and sent
a bundle through. Smooth conduit would have been better too so as not to
catch subsequent cables added.

73/Jon AA1K

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I'm working on a 160 meter 4-square array. Would like to inquire is the best
way to set up the phasing lines is to trench the feed lines 12 - 18 inches
deep. Part of the array I'll still have to cut grass don't want to finish
the ground system till I know the best way. Doesn't make sense for me to
think that I can lay the feed lines over the  radials. Radials will be
laying on the ground with landscape staples. Each vertical will have
approximately 60 quarter wave radials. The verticals will be approximately
90ft tall and 40 ft sloping back to tower. Any suggestions for building the
array would be greatly appreciated.

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