Topband: Phone segment for EU stations on 75 meters?

Victor Goncharsky us5we at
Thu Sep 8 04:08:04 EDT 2016

I would suggest tuning it above 3800 and work split announcing RX frequency anywhere between 3600-3799.9.

>Четверг,  8 сентября 2016, 3:11 +03:00 от "Douglas Ruz / CO8DM" <co8dm at>:
>What is the Phone segment for EU stations on 75 meters?
>I am tunning my 75/80m antenna for WAE SSB... it is very narrow (100 Khz), so, I want to know the most active segment during contest...Resonance (SWR 1:1) on 3625 Khz now...Is it Ok or to low?...maybe can work split...
>Doug, CO8DM
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