Topband: Horizontal Waller Flag (Single or double)...

Douglas Ruz / CO8DM co8dm at
Mon Sep 12 23:23:51 EDT 2016


I have a 5 elem 6m yagi...the boom is 15 ft long...

I have been reading about the Waller Flag...both version, Vertical and

I would like add the WF to my 6m yagi or a single WF (one loop)...I know few
hams around the world did it and there is no interaction. (PY1RO, PY2XB,

My  tower is 50 ft high...I know it is too low for 160m but I can not
install the Vertical city lot is small and I have an Spiderbeam
on top (abt 6 ft above the 6m yagi)

any idea ?


Doug, CO8DM

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