Topband: 160 meter starter antennas

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Good Info Dave, Thanks. 
  In Maine, one contest Weekend, about year 1999-2000  worked 103 countries. 
  Lots of countries in Europe not that far away in the Northeast direction. 

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       Success also depends a lot on your location. Working 119 DXCC from a 70'
inv vee from NY is a whole lot easier than doing it, for instance, out here
in the Midwest (Iowa). YMMV. . .73. . .Dave, W0FLS

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I Have an inv V hanging off of my 70 foot tower. Because I live on a
suburb lot the legs of the antenna are bent to fit the lot (really ugly). I
have worked DXCC (119) with that minimal antenna. It can be done but you
have to be patient. 

73 Joe K2UF

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