Topband: 160 meter starter antennas

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Thu Sep 22 17:41:27 EDT 2016

To: Aravind Balasubramanian 

Hello Aravind,
If phased on 160 the close spacing creates many problems for the phasing and very low impedances. 
Coax cables  need to be different length than 80 meter cables. 
Years ago I had phased on 80 meters, and switched  to to a non phased on 160. Used  the non fed tower as a tuned reflector against ground. 
Required a lot of  switching relays. 
It worked better than a single vertical, but not great. 
 Got some front to back that was useful on receive. 
It was a lot of years ago, unable to  remember all the details. 

On Fri, 23 Sep 2016 02:17:21 +0530, Aravind Balasubramanian  wrote:

      i just planted my first topband antenna. a homebrew extended length
butternut 2 v with homebrew tbr160 coil on a 30 feet pushup mast to help me
squeeze a slooping radial in my 40 feet x 45 feet tiny terrace. i was able
start my 160m dxcc ac with a ua4 on lotw. Want to add one more hf9v and
convert it into a 2 el phased array for 80m with a compromise spacing of 50
ft (max diagonal spacing available). rx is a challenge. max allowed power
of 400 w dc input to final in vu land is another challenge. i plan to build
a dual waller flag and place it
as far away from the diagonal line of the phased array as possible. what
kind if interaction/detuning/directivity hit should i expect. for 160m/cqww
cw contest weekends i can try installing the flag in my neighbours terrace

assuming i add another tbr160 to the 2nd hf9v can i expect any directivty
gained by the 80m phasing on 160m. i will keep the linear happy by using a
tuner. has anyone modelled something similar?

any tips/suggestions welcome. 

73 de Aravind vu2abs

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