Topband: DXE NCC-1 phasing box

Bob K6UJ k6uj at
Fri Sep 23 10:40:58 EDT 2016


I just looked at my NCC-1 manual.  No schematic.
It seems odd they wont provide one. I wonder what their
reason is ?  I would give them a call.
I may call them myself, I am contemplating the purchase of the
new model but would like a schematic

I like your callsign :-)


On 9/23/16 6:59 AM, Rob Atkinson wrote:
> update:  I just received an email, perhaps a canned response from DX
> Engineering telling me they won't give me a schematic.  In addition,
> rather than work with me to find the problem, they only offer their
> repair service.   I am very disappointed in this after spending over
> $1000 over the past two years on the Pro-1B loop antennas.  I guess
> this means no one has a schematic so I'll just have to signal trace.
> If this is a business decision, I think it is a poor one.
> It certainly gives one pause about future purchases.
> 73
> Rob
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