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Herbert Schoenbohm herbert.schoenbohm at
Fri Sep 23 11:48:59 EDT 2016

I recently replace my MFJ RX antenna phasing units with a DX Engineering 
NCC-1 and find it well worth the money There is a vast improvement in 
the phasing controls instead of MFJ's tiny knobs. they give full 
rotation and a phase reversal switch on either antenna which can be 
employed instantly .  By using two Beverages that are either pointed in 
the same or opposite directions I can enhance the forward reception, 
null out IX fro a close by local station better, or improve the F/B in 
the desired direction.  I use BC stations in PR and down the Caribbean 
to demonstrate to myself that the the NCC-1 is a phasing properly.  
Nulls are deeper and I can move them around as desired.   The 
construction of the unit is excellent. Yes it would be nice to have a 
schematic but i can understand how this could be outsourced overseas 
quickly and to the determent of the designers  I like the fact that 
DX-Engineering is standing by their products  And that is good enough 
for me.

I remember and old indisputable adage...."That which works"  Who can argue with that?

Herb, KV4FZ

On 9/23/2016 10:41 AM, Rob Atkinson wrote:
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> I just finished speaking with Tim K3LR on the land line with regard to
> my problem  We had a cordial conversation and I must say in all the
> years I have been a ham, I have never had the president of a company
> immediately call me to address my concerns and problems with a
> product.   I am confident whatever is plaguing my NCC-1 will get fixed
> whether it's the unit, or operator head-space.
> I also received a satisfactory explanation for the policy of not
> providing a schematic for the NCC-1.   The repair service terms as
> explained to me are quite reasonable but I hope I don't have to send
> it in for repair.  I certainly appreciate this fast response.   Also,
> I mischaracterized the service dept. email as "canned."  It did have
> some personalized text in it which I overlooked and I apologize for
> that.
> 73
> Rob
> K5UJ
> On Fri, Sep 23, 2016 at 8:58 AM, Tim Duffy <k3lr at> wrote:
>> Hello Rob:
>> Please call DX Engineering. We will help you get your NCC-1 working
>> properly.
>> 73
>> Tim K3LR
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