Topband: How the NCC-1 noise canceller works

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Sat Sep 24 06:24:55 EDT 2016


For those looking for insight into how the NCC-1 noise canceller works, 
I’d suggest looking at the following two web pages:


This is a thread on noise cancelling started by Martin G8JNJ and 
finishes with a brief exchange of posts between Martin and Tom W8JI (who 
according to the second of Tom’s posts here, is the person who designed 
the NCC-1).

2. With this in mind, then have a look at Tom’s web page at

If you read this on the basis that Tom designed the NCC-1 and that he 
talks about the homebrewed noise canceller design he uses on his web 
page, that may give you a good insight into the design of the best noise 
canceller on the market. ;-)

While there may not be a schematic available, there is some very 
interesting information available about the thinking behind the NCC-1 

I should add that Tom's web page is a gold mine for those who want to 
understand about how to do successful noise cancelling.

Vy 73

Steve, VK6VZ

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