Topband: 160M Inverted-L Radial Question

Mark K3MSB mark.k3msb at
Sun Sep 25 22:33:54 EDT 2016

I've been doing some reading on elevated radials for Inverted-L antennas.
The existing literature seems to fall into two types;  ground radials where
the feed point is very close the ground,  and systems were the feed point
is elevated at the height of the radials.

My Inverted-L is 50 feet high and has the feed point in a box at ground
level.   I'm considering using 2 elevated radials so as to reduce the
radial field next to my new (hopefully) RX antenna (BOG).      Since I
don't want to raise my feed point by 5 feet and thereby decrease the
vertical part of the Inverted L accordingly,   I was considering using a
pair of elevated radials (5 feet high -- don't know the exact height
yet).   I was planning on the radials sloping up 45 degrees from the base
of the Inverted-L to my radial height.  The radials will not be straight,
but will have doglegs due to property constraints.

I haven't found any literature that addresses this consideration.


73 Mark K3MSB

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