Topband: 75 ohm RG6 to 50 Ohm radio

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To Tree's point:  have the Hi-Z Triangular Array and use it with the 75/50 transformer.

After using it for a year or so, and just for curiosity sake I pulled out the transformer and hooked the 75 ohm cable directly to the receiver input.  I went back and forth multiple times and my ears never noticed a difference.  Not a scientific test to be sure, but....



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On Sep 28, 2016, at 7:48 AM, Tree <tree at<mailto:tree at>> wrote:

I suppose I need to ask if worrying about impedance at this point in the
system is really worth the trouble.

Once signals have gone through one or two stages of amplification - would a
loss of a db or so in signal strength really matter?

Tree N6TR

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Yes Ed, You have the right numbers. It won't matter which windings are
first or last. You can even wind 4 then wind 1 more and use it as an
autotransformer where the 1 turn is added to the 4 for 5. Any of these will
work fine at these TOP Band and higher frequencies. This ratio is not
perfect but will work just fine. It would be 50 to 78 ohms which in our
world is close enough.
Let us know how your new 8 circle works. Maybe even compare it to your
Hi-Z 4-square.
Lee   K7TJR

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My receive antenna is 75 Ohm RG6 connected to my radio and I want to wind
a 2873000202 binocular core to step 75 to 50 Ohm's . I seen this info on
W8JI web page but can't seem to find it again.

I do remember it's 4 turns 50 Ohm and 5 turns 75 Ohm and all wires come
out the same side of the core . Am I correct so far?

Does it make a difference which winding I wind first ?

Thanks in advance , Ed N5DG

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