Topband: Orientation of a 160 meter receive loop?

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Fri Sep 30 10:50:15 EDT 2016

A small loop mounted horizontally will be omnidirectional, mostly 
horizontally polarized and with a null overhead.  An omnidirectional 
antenna isn't usually a very low noise receiving antenna.  The gain will 
drop by a lot if the antenna is at low heights.  A square loop 5 ft on a 
side placed horizontally at 10 ft above average ground should have a 
peak gain of about -44 dBi at 44 degrees elevation on 160 meters.  The 
same loop mounted vertically with the top of the antenna at 10 ft 
(either apex up or top flat) should have a gain of about -25 dBi.

Jerry, K4SAV

On 9/30/2016 8:03 AM, James Rodenkirch wrote:
> I have a 160 meter rcv loop - kc2tx product - I want to employ this season.
> I don't have a lot of band noise here in s/w Utah and don't want to bother with a rotor so....can I mount the loop in a horizontal configuration and expect some improvement in rcv signal strength? I seem to recall Tom, W8JI, cautioning me to ensure I have the loop perfectly level. I do have a kd9sv preamp to employ and the Zo at the antenna is 50 ohms (verified on my Autek ant analyzer) so I can use 50 coax for the feedline.
> Thanks, in advance for any 'advice' or reaffirmation I am on solid` ground here.
> 72 de Jim Rodenkirch K9JWV
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