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John Randall m0els at
Sun Aug 20 13:52:48 EDT 2017

Hi all, This is my 1st post here, so please bear with me. I have always wanted to do 160m DX but have a small back yard 35ft square and although I have planning permission to erect a mast, we hope to move to be closer to my son's university soon. That's another story, but I am rebuilding an inverted L antenna, which works quite well on 160m with 400w thrown into it.. I have about 15 radials just under the lawn but have now added chicken mesh  on top of the grass around the feed point, but the feed point is located in one corner of the garden, and a new addition is a 8ft x 8ft grid of chicken is now laid down. Is there any other way to improve this setup as it stands as over the roof is a no. The vertical bottom fed pole is 21ft high and a 35ft wire runs to the adjacent corner pole 18ft high, then about 40ft of wire to my tv aerial on the apex of the roof. I also have a loading coil at the adjacent pole of 35uH.
Its the best I can do till I move ........all help and comments greatly received.
73John - M0ELS

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