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Information on the K2AV elevated Folded CounterPoise can be found at:

Marsh, KA5M

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Hi John,

For your ground system, more of the same wouldn't hurt.

You may want to look into the K2AV elevated folded counterpoise. I don't
know where to find that information anymore, but I suggest searching the the
Topband archives.

73, Mike

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> ... I have always wanted to do 160m DX but have a small back yard 35ft 
> square ... I am rebuilding an inverted L antenna, which works quite 
> well on 160m with 400w thrown into it.. I have about 15 radials just 
> under the lawn but have now added chicken mesh  on top of the grass 
> around the feed point, but the feed point is located in one corner of 
> the garden, and a new addition is a 8ft x 8ft grid of chicken is now 
> laid down. Is there any other way to improve this setup...
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