Topband: Ecipse

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Mon Aug 21 15:22:08 EDT 2017

A bit north of the path of total eclipse here 30 W of Des Moines.  Had QRN 
from nearby thunderstorms so could not read a change in noise levels on 160m 
or even 80m.  No noticeable change in prop here in any direction on 20m. 
With SFI so low to begin with 17m has not been open much with hardly any 
signals to listen to during the event.  The higher frequency bands have had 
virtually no activity to begin with anyway so nothing new there.  As 
suspected, basically a non-event here from a prop standpoint.

73. . . Dave, W0FLS

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Even though Maine was not in the Eclipse path, noticed noise in the West 
direction was below S-meter zero on 160 meter antennas. Normal lowest noise 
is East out over the Atlantic ocean..

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