Topband: the eclipse

hg chapoton hgchapoton at
Mon Aug 21 22:26:51 EDT 2017

I saw quite a bit of enhancement.  Managed to make 29 QSOs and also heard 8
stations I wasn't able to work.  Some I worked later.  I did hear AA0RS
briefly and weakly (1818z).  I heard K5NA for quite a while and with a
decent signal  (1821z).  The best DX worked was N4NO in AL (1841z), W4VHH
in NC (1828z) WD5R in AR (1847z), WB4AEG in GA (1848z) and AA1K in DE
(1845z).  Worked one stn in TN, a couple in eastern PA, one in VA, one in
MA and of course some more local stns in ON, IN, WI, IL, OH, etc.

I didn't hear anything other than ON and OH until about 45min before max
darkness, then BAM several W9's showed up.  Don't know if it was
propagation or activity, it felt like propagation.  Most of them I could
not work until quite a bit later.  The best rate was after 1818z.  My
"maximum" was around 1825z.

There was a good peak in my RBN signal reports.  At AA4VV, I went up, then
down a tad at totality and then back up, don't know what thats all about.
If you look, expand to 100 results and you'll see pretty much all of my
activity.  Good peak from W8WTS also.

It was fun!

EN83 in MI

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