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Sun Aug 27 17:46:32 EDT 2017

Your tower may act as  a reflector if ground at the base   . If un-grounded,, then no problem.
Could take many hours on the tower to work out problems. Its easier to spend the hours with a modeling 
program while on the ground.

W7EL Roy Lewallen
P.O. box 66958
Beaverton, OR 97007

Roy sells antenna modeling programs.

If someone else does the modeling for you,  unseen factors may be left out.


On Sun, 27 Aug 2017 12:56:44 -0600, "Greg"  wrote:

Question for the group...

>From a 140 foot freestanding tower, I will suspend 4 pieces of phillystran
90 degrees apart from the top of the tower.  Antenna wire will be attached
to the phillystran such that verticals will be dropped to create a 4 square.
I will have as much vertical length as practical and still obtain the 4
square spacing required -- but the vertical length certainly will not be
close to a quarter wave.  The intent is to use the verticals as a 4 square.
In thinking of ways to increase the electrical length, should I run wire
back toward the tower from the top of the vertical section to get the full
1/4 or use a T with wire going back toward the tower and down the
phillystran to create a "top hat" effect -- or does it matter?  Obviously
this is a compromise but hopefully still an effective antenna with
directional gain.  Thanks in advance for your thoughts.  73, Greg-N4CC
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