Topband: Inverted L successes

Doug Ellmore doug at
Mon Aug 28 12:37:34 EDT 2017

I moved to a sloping Inverted L last fall when I only had 17 countries
confirmed on DXCC.

Initially the base had three 56' ground radials and was fed 40' from my
tower.  The diagonally placed vertical sloped up towards the base of my
Navassa5 yagi at 40', then horizontal toward a tree.

I confirmed 70+ countries by December 2016.  In January I added 15 radials
about 30' long.

I direct fed the antenna.  I had a 7 toroid (31) to provide a choke at the
feed point.

I used QRP to 1500w to work stations and confirmed DXCC in March.

I worked sunrise, sunsets, and various times during the night.

An inverted L no matter what height the vertical section is better than a
dipole.  In this case, a little of something is better than a lot of

DON'T over think it.   Just Do It!


Doug / NA1DX

Doug Ellmore, Sr.
doug at

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