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I guess it depends on what you want to do on 160.

Rag chew with the locals -- put up an NVIS low dipole

Work the rare DX -- put up a 4 square of 1/4 wave verticals with 32 to 120 
radials under each one and then buy a 200 ft. tower and put up a Waller Flag 
for receive.  (or if you have 100 acres put up 8 pairs of 1000 foot 
beverages in 8 directions)

Realistically,  116 Ft of Rohn 25 with 32 radials under it for transmit and 
a Waller Flag for receive on top of that.

73 and see you on TB

PeteR  N8PR

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Hi Gary


Best or what people are using?

For best maybe you can take a look at VY2ZM antennas :-)

What people are using, maybe and inv L, vertical with lot of radials, 1/2 wl 

I had big success with 1/2 wl sloper

Good luck!


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> El 27 ago. 2017, a las 13:07, gary mankoff <garyjm88 at> escribi?:
> Hi everyone
> I finally have some land to do a 160 meter antenna Lots of tall trees
> May I have some input as to what people are using on 160 Gary N6biz
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