Topband: 160 4 SQUARE

Mike Greenway K4PI at BELLSOUTH.NET
Mon Aug 28 17:17:59 EDT 2017

Greg, N4CC,, I have been using something similar to what you are describing for about 10 years.  I have 140 ft of Rohn 25 with all Phillystrand guys.  The 4 verticals are supported by nylon cords running from the top of the tower.  The height of the tower allows me to have 90 ft verticals plus around 45 ft top hats at the proper spacing between verticals.  I am using a Comtek phasing box. At present around 40  135 ft radials on each vertical.  I never detuned the tower as the F/B and F/S have always been excellent so I did not see the need.  I did look into it but decided to leave as it was. It has been a very competitive transmit system. If you need any further details contact me.  73 Mike K4PI

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