Topband: Inverted L successes

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But being 800+ miles closer to EU (many countries there compared to North America) and a path that is largely over salt water is a huge advantage, particularly on the low bands.

73-Gary K9GS 
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Most of LI is glacial sand and only the coastal areas benefit verticals.


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> I suspect that your success is largely due to your location on Long 
> Island.
> 73,
> Gary K9GS
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> Last fall I installed an “S-9” 43 ft vertical, added a tapped loading coil
> at the base, with 10 on-the-ground radials about 100 ft long randomly run
> all over my 60x90 house plot. Rig is 300 watts - Started on 160 DXCC with
> 32 entities, finished DXCC in one winter season.
> My secret: JT65 !!!! (tnx K1JT)
> Try anything – you will be amazed how successful you can be on top-band
> with a little patience and VERY modest antennas. 73, Jay NY2NY
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