Topband: Just not the results I'm used to.

Gary Smith Gary at
Fri Dec 1 00:36:57 EST 2017

I'm just not getting the results I had 
when the 160M antenna was put up some 7-8 
years ago, not as good as last year 
either. I tried running QRP on 160 this 
evening, lots of pre-contest activity and 
only made three contacts and they were 
relatively local. I've always considered 
how well I do running QRP as evidence how 
my system is doing.

The 35-40 (I don't recall the exact #) 
130' radials are still connected, instead 
of 360' of the regular coax from previous 
years, I now have 7/8" hardline up to the 
remote switch. I just replaced the 160 
antenna when it came down after sustained 
winds. Watt meter is showing the expected 
output & SWR is 1.78 at 1.8300

Not asking for answers, surely just has to 
be the conditions but I keep wondering if 
I need to address something.

Good luck in the contest and have fun!



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