Topband: RBOG info

KA2FIR ka2fir at
Sun Dec 3 08:28:43 EST 2017


I recently purchased a pair of RBOG combos used and would like to get them up and running. As an alternative to the DXE RBOG wire would landscaping wire be ok? I've found Paige 18/2 or 16/2 landscaping wire at at cheaper price for 500'. It's bare copper as opposed to tinned and the jacket is PVC as opposed to PE. Paige says it's "sunlight resistant."

What is the optimum lenght, 180 or 200'?

I believe they should be aimed NE/SW and NNW/SSE?

My soil is rocky and on a hill/mountain/sloping. I was told the crows foot radials will pick up noise. Any truth to that?


Mike KA2FiR

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