Topband: DX Engineering NCC-2 (Follow up)

ko7ss at ko7ss at
Mon Dec 4 11:03:52 EST 2017

Thanks to K3LR and KA1J and NS7V for sending many suggestions!

My NCC-2 with 2 DX Engineering active verticals spaced 50' apart didn't seem
to offer any peaks or nulls or noise reduction on 160M compared to the top
loaded transmit vertical. It does work on 40M and less so on 80M. On the
WWV 2.5 Mhz carrier it will easily null the tone down to inaudible from S8.

So for the ARRL 160M I increased the spacing to 100', added toroid chokes
at the base of each antenna, and put down the 4 x 15' radials for each.
The noise on 160M is diffuse at S4 and the NCC-2 still offered no peaks or
nulls of any signals and offered no advantage over listening on the XMIT
vertical. The internal jumpers were tried set for 1.800 and no jumpers.

So I still need a 160M RX antenna :( But I am keeping the NCC-2, it worked
quite well on 40/80 compared to listening to the 40/80 OCF, peaking some
signals very nicely and producing contacts in the CQWW CW and RTTY that
would not have been made otherwise.....

73, Bill KO7SS in AZ

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