Topband: Big 160m openings just before K index spikes

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Fri Dec 8 18:08:54 EST 2017

I also have experienced the same as Tim, with all bands, and particularly 
the higher bands opening just as the geomagnetic storm builds. Then it is 
rubbish for a few or several days after.

On the evening of the 4th, I could barely hear Ken XW4ZW. The next evening 
6th, he was S9 and I worked him with one call. I also worked a few other 
Asian stations with big signals - not that unusual here, but a nice change 
from poor signals lately. BD4WN was also booming in, but was not workable. 
He was working locals and a few NA stations. Thankfully I have China 
confirmed with a QSO about a year ago with Dale BA4TB.

I haven't been on air since that evening, as I came home from a visit to 
Melbourne the next day ill with the flu. Feeling better today. This morning 
will be running the remaining five wires for my Beverage constellation, and 
will have a listen on air tonight.


Luke VK3HJ

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I don't think it's just topband. I've observed exceptionally good
conditions right before a solar disturbance hits earth, on any and all

Tim N3QE 

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