Topband: Looking for call history / prefill file for Stew Perry

Bill Tippett btippett at
Wed Dec 20 05:46:38 EST 2017


"Looking for call history / prefill file for Stew Perry"

Have you read the rules?  The above is not even allowed for the multiop

category.  Your log should be submitted as a Check Log only.

73,  Bill  W4ZV

Oh - we should mention cheating isn't allowed either - in case that was
   not clear.  This includes operating more than 14 hours and trying to make
   it look like you operated only 14.  It means running more power than you
   are supposed to in your category and/or country.  It also includes using
   QRZ.COM (or other similar databases) to fill in those missing or
   questionable grid squares or callsigns.  This is a RADIO contest and your
   log must indicate what you heard during the contest - not what you found
   on the internet afterwards!!

   Thank you for reading rule six.

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