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Bob Bruno - K2KI k2ki at
Wed Dec 20 12:04:25 EST 2017

Well said! I enjoy various modes from time to time. Many times it is the 
learning about how to "drive" a different mode that is the most exciting!
Happy Holidays!

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On 12/20/2017 12:19 AM, Nick Maslon - K1NZ wrote:
> I recently saw a post come across the reflector that referred to FT8 as
> junk. If I were to call CW a junk mode or insinuate that it's bad in any
> way, shape, or form, I would have a mob of OM with pitchforks and torches
> at my house in a heartbeat. Can we please just play nice and accept that
> the many hams in this hobby have differing interests and try to be
> supportive of them regardless of which modes, bands, or parts of the hobby
> they choose to enjoy?
> Merry Christmas,
> Nick K1NZ
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