Topband: Solar eclipse and 160m propagation.

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Fri Jul 14 23:21:20 EDT 2017

Virginia Tech, New Jersey Institute of Techology and others are putting
teams into field to do measurements of several sorts during the eclipse.

A student of mine is building low power, inexpensive ionosondes to measure
the height of the F layer using radar pulses on HF and measuring the round
trip time in the 3-6 MHz region before during and after the eclipse from
the West coast to the East coast along the path of totality.

A student of mine designed an SDR to measure scintillation on satellite
signals as it passes through the ionosphere before, during, and after the
eclipse. This was her master's thesis. She just graduated and was a
recipient of "Future Leadership" position with Northrup Grumman.

Most of the students involved at VT are members of the VT amateur radio
association (K4KDJ).

Current and former students of VT were the genesis of HAMSCI.  They reached
out to Ward Silver and Dave Pascoe who met with the students and me at
Dayton two years ago and here we are.

Dr Nathaniel Frissell, W2NAF and Magda Moses KM4EGE were both members of
VTARA which I am honored to serve as faculty adviser.

Nathaniel has moved on to NJIT and is taking RBN data during the Solar
Eclipse QSO Party to try and observe shifting propagation. is something we hope leads to lots of "citizen science" by hand.

Our science investigator is Dr Greg Earle, w4gde and he and this activity
are supported by the national science foundation.  I'm playing SDR and
radio consultant to the VT team.

Bob N4HY

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> >Hi Topbanders
> >In 21th August we will have a solar  eclipse... Do you know any
> >studies about propagation at eclipses, before, during and after ?
> Pedro -
> Here's a place to start.
>      -- Tom
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